Schuylkill Valley Sports

Schuylkill Valley Sports

Since the summer of 2000 Schuylkill Valley Sports (SVS) and MFT have been determined to succeed in the online presence of SVS. From the original site rollout, to the current site you see today, the transitions have been driven by SVS customer feedback, MFT industry knowledge, and a solid partnership that has stood the test of time throughout multiple public website changes.

In addition, specialty Extranets and Intranets have been constructed, as well as a secured employee training website to ensure that SVS staff is consistently above the pack in industry knowledge, training and overall customer satisfaction.

The existing SVS website is linked live-time to the inventory control system maintaining their multiple locations throughout south-eastern PA. Through consistent data connection from MFT’s server environment to the SVS POS server MFT and SVS can ensure a true LIVE-TIME shopping experience for each SVS site visitor.


Schuylkill Valley Sports
Regionally known sporting goods retail stores with 20+ locations.

Nick Rhoads
IT Manager
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