PondWorks Launches New Website through Media Fusion Technologies

Monday, February 14, 2011
PondWorks Launches New Website through Media Fusion Technologies PondWorks – specializing in pond and water-feature design, construction and maintenance in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland – recently launched an all-new website (www.pondworksonline.com) through Media Fusion Technologies, Inc (MFT) of Boyertown.

“The updated website is more informative and useful, enabling visitors to access the information they’re looking for” said PondWorks owner, Brian Buchholtz. “We’ve made significant advances this season to provide our customers and the general public with the most current and accurate details on our services.

“The PondWorks staff believes that our broad experience with distinctive types of water features as well as our understanding of the design and construction process sets us apart. PondWorks employs a dedicated and knowledgeable staff that provides regular services to nearly 300 businesses and residences in the greater Mid-Atlantic region. By capitalizing on relationships with other design and construction professionals, PondWorks has continued to broaden its scope of work in garden ponds, koi ponds and numerous additional aquatic projects.”

Visitors to the new website will find a wealth of textual and graphical content through which to browse. Photo galleries and case studies of past projects include garden ponds, koi ponds, large pond and lake features, fountains, filtration systems, rainwater collection and more.

The new website was designed and programmed by MFT in the Microsoft .NET framework using Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform. Together with other technologies, these establish a stable, dynamic, comprehensive and extensible website environment which allows the customer to control site content live time via web browser using MFT’s proprietary Content Management System.

About PondWorks
Since 1993, PondWorks has specialized in the design, construction and maintenance of a wide variety of quality-crafted residential and commercial water features for nearly 300 businesses and residences throughout the Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland region. Building from a collective education, experience, talent, passion and inspiration; the craftsmen at PondWorks continually conceptualize and craft indoor and outdoor water features that are beautiful, inspirational, functional and environmentally significant in their respective surroundings.

For additional information on PondWorks, visit www.pondworksonline.com or call (610) 327-1423.

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