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Selling your products online could possibly be the fastest way to increase sales. Making a decision on an eCommerce shopping cart module can be one of the more confusing decisions you have to make for your business. There are many "out of the box" shopping cart software options out there. Their low cost creates curiosity. Why is this so inexpensive? It is a classic case of Buyer Beware!

At MFT, years of eCommerce experience have given us the knowledge, and provided us the experience, to build our own shopping cart solution that is fully customizable for anyone's needs.

Meet OSCAR (Online Shopping Cart & Automated Reporting system), the MFT proprietary solution for online product sales and revenue reporting.

Why is this better? In general, there are no limitations with the MFT shopping cart, front end, or back end. The front end, or the area that is viewable by the customer, can be customized to fit any website's design. The back end area, otherwise known as the remote content management area, can be tailored to your businesses workflow needs to generate reports, multiple formatted order receipts, and much more.

Having our own shopping cart is not the only thing that sets MFT apart from the rest. We also provide services that compliment our shopping cart, making it more successful for you. Our monthly maintenance ensures you have the help you need to promote items by changing your home page, creating effective email newsletters, and more. Our search engine optimization service can exponentially increase the traffic that goes to your site, exposing your products and services to more people than ever!

Now is the time to tap into the online community - your virtual storefront is only a phone call away.