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Do not confuse this service with standard search engine registration. This is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). MFT's expert SEO staff is certified by the Academy of Web Specialists , LLC to perform optimization services on your website that will generally place your site in the top 30 listings of the top 5 search engines.
The SEO procedure can be compared to taking a standard car off of the assembly line and turning it into a high performance-racing machine.

How it works:

Step One : Your website is meticulously reviewed by our SEO experts. Hours are spent evaluating what search phrases best relate to the information on your site and will perform the best in the major search engines. Too common of a search phrase, and you can't compete, too unique of a search phrase, and no one will likely search for it. It is a fine-tuning process using specialized industry software and years of experience to lock in just the right fit for your site in the realm of the World Wide Web.

The next step is customizing your site to best appeal to the search engine criteria for your selected search phrases. Simply registering your search phrases is not enough. Each page of your site is customized and additional background pages are constructed to contain an optimal balance of information formatted in a specific manner. Many times, each page goes through this comprehensive process for each of the major search engines as their criteria changes. These focused efforts time and again will place your site higher in the major search engines posted rankings.

Search engine criteria changes almost weekly. Our staff consistently stays in touch with web experts reporting on this information and we routinely update our optimization software to keep you ahead of the game.

SEO success is not an overnight success. Most often, results take 4-8 months to begin showing. However, after your site consistently shows in the top 30 on the major engines, you will get noticed and our staff will continue tuning-up your site on a monthly basis to keep it ranking well. After all, there's no reason to build a performance-racing machine, if it never leaves the garage.

Don't fall for the registration game!

The Spam emails that you receive advertising to register your website with 300 plus search engines should not be taken seriously. The top 5 search engines make up approximately 90% of all searches performed around the world on a daily basis. So where is your money going? You may get better results dropping pamphlets from a hot air balloon. In addition, simply registering your site is not enough. There are millions of sites registered. If yours is not set apart, you're but another pebble on the beach.