Buckman's Ski & Snowboard Shops

MFT was approached by Buckman’s Ski Shop to help coordinate their online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts. They quickly decided that it was in their best interest to have us build them a completely new ecommerce website from the ground up.
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Instant Product Search

Our powerful product search functionality begins as you type your search phrase into the box, allowing customers to go directly to the most relevant items.

Alternatively, the user may choose to view the full results of the query and select filters to help further refine their search.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce functionality featuring a full suite of tools and reports to excel in the industry.

Integrated with third party marketplaces such as Amazon as well as marketing avenues such as Google Shopping to maximize exposure and market share.

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Within 60 days, from initial project meeting to final site deployment, Buckman’s new site was launched and ready for the 2008 snow sports ordering season. In the peak of their season, Buckman’s site received over 6 million visitors per month. By the end of their 2008-2009 season, they had broken every online sales record in their history!  Outstanding!

Buckmans Ski and Snowboard Shops

Buckman’s Ski & Snowboard Shops
A well known winter sports products retailer.

Matt Gahman
Internet Sales & Development Manager
(610) 495-7495 x216

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

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Social Media is one of the most cost-effective -- and effective -- ways of marketing. Many small businesses know this and try to manage all of their online presences on their own, but barely have enough time to set the pages up. Often they end up doing more damage than good to their company's identity by having a half-setup page with one post from two years before. That sends a very wrong message to page visitors and potential customers!

Media Fusion Technologies removes the confusion and time-intensive work that social media can be, giving you the time to run your business. Our social-media team will establish your organization’s presence in the social media outlets, and do so in a respective and non-intrusive manner. We’ll set up each online presence, and design your page backgrounds and cover images. We’ll then work to gain followers, working with you to post regular messages, specials, contests and more in order to keep your organization fresh and relevant, engaging your followers and encouraging them to ultimately and repeatedly patron your business.


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