Authentic Beef Jerky and Other Meat Snacks Provide a Taste of Home from the new Wild Bill s Foods Website

Monday, December 15, 2008
Authentic Beef Jerky and Other Meat Snacks Provide a  Taste of Home  from the new Wild Bill s Foods Website Authentic Beef Jerky, meat sticks, tender tips, shredded-beef chew and other popular meat snacks just became a lot easier to get thanks to the all new Wild Bill’s Foods website ( designed and programmed by Philadelphia website design and development company, Media Fusion Technologies, Inc (MFT). “We wanted our new site to reflect the quality that goes into every piece of jerky that we produce,” said Wild Bill’s Marketing Manager, John Connell. “Media Fusion certainly delivered that.” Wild Bill’s got its start in 1955 in a butcher shop located in the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch country in Lancaster County. “There exists a way of life a little different than the hustle and bustle of the surrounding metropolis,” said Connell. “Lancaster County is home to a culture reflecting the traits of family, heritage, community pride and a bounty of food grown and cooked the ol' fashioned way. “Wild Bill’s continues to operate in Lancaster County, holding true to our heritage and mission of quality and service in the meat-snack industry.” In addition to the website showing a quality design that accurately reflects the rich legacy of Wild Bill’s, the site needed to perform up to the advanced eCommerce-technology standards of today and provide extensibility in the coming technologies of tomorrow. The power plant of the website is MFT’s Online Shopping Cart and Automated Reporting (OSCAR) solution. According to MFT’s Beth Tercha the OSCAR shopping module is a full-featured, total solution to eCommerce. With OSCAR, website owners can fully manage their products / services, details, coupons, quantity discount pricing, club pricing, shipping, etc. in addition to providing customer account profile management, searchable database features and all other important considerations for a complete online shopping solution. While browsing through the site, one will find testimonial quotes from customers raving about the snacks and how they send them to family and friends as gifts. In fact, the tasty snacks have become a satisfying ‘taste of home’ for many troops stationed abroad. Ordering directly from the new will make it much easier for families and friends to share that taste of home.


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