Wednesday, March 19, 2008
BOYERTOWN GOLF CARTS LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE Boyertown Golf Carts recently launched a new website ( through Philadelphia area website design and development company Media Fusion Technologies to educate a wider range of potential customer about the extensive line of golf carts and services that are available. Boyertown Golf Carts – located at 813 South Reading Avenue – is owned and operated by The Rhodes Organization. According to founder Mike Rhodes, Boyertown Golf Carts sports the area’s largest inventory of guaranteed pre-owned gas and electric-powered golf carts for sale or lease. They also carry a full line of new carts that cover a variety of single and multi-user applications. “Golf carts aren’t just for golf,” Rhodes stated. “There are literally dozens of practical uses where a golf cart is quicker, quieter, cleaner, safer and easier to use than other alternatives. Ranches, farms, boat docks, estates, handicapped facilities, residential properties, shooting ranges, shopping malls, zoos and parks, apartment complexes, catering companies, concert venues and many, many others benefit daily from the versatile service of golf carts.” In addition to the sales and leasing of carts, Boyertown Golf Carts is a fully equipped service center for all makes and models of golf carts. Not only can they keep carts performing properly with the right parts and mechanical knowledge, they have a wide variety of customization services to make sure that each cart best suits the user’s needs. According to Rhodes, one of the most popular customization services that they provide is the addition of lift kits which raise the cart 8” – 10” higher off of the ground. This customization delivers a more comfortable ride and allows the user to more easily traverse variable terrain. Additional customizations include the installation of rear seats, traction tires, mag wheels, fender flairs, work boxes and custom storage tops to securely haul tools, hunting equipment and valuables. “We keep a full line of the most requested accessories in stock so that we can turn an order around quickly and get the customer up and running,” said Rhodes. Additional information on Boyertown Golf Carts can be found by visiting their new website, stopping by their store or by calling (610) 367-5585.


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