Haines Kibblehouse turn to MFT for Web Soloution

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
Haines   Kibblehouse turn to MFT for Web Soloution Haines and Kibblehouse (H&K) recently commissioned Philadelphia area website design and development company, Media Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MFT) to establish a new dynamic, interactive and cohesive Internet and Intranet presence that will collectively unite H&K’s 62 operations under one secure roof. According to MFT President and CE0 Darrel Kean, the online application development of the Internet redesign and the new corporate Intranet will be built using the .NET 2.0 Framework including both graphical and programmatic elements. The new Intranet site will bring integral functionality to H&K which hasn’t been realized in the history of the company previously. Resources including benefits, calendar of events, human resources, newsletters and much more will be centrally administered uniting all current and future locations effectively and securely. Both sites will be hosted and maintained in-house at MFT’s Boyertown, PA offices with expected live deployment in January, 2007. The Intranet site will be fully secured using .NET and other security technology, programming, and devices built and/or deployed by MFT since its inception. Further information on MFT’s network security is not available. “The significant technologies that this project will deliver put the H&K website in the running with the other marketing and image on which H&K has worked so hard for all of these years. Only this time… the entire world will be able to see H&K in the proper light,” stated Kean. H&K has maintained a static Internet presence since 1997. However, the site design, organization and lack of dynamics or Intranet existence all failed to meet the needs of the growing company. Staff members assigned to advancing the company’s technologies and centrally integrating information from its dozens of branches turned their focus to finding a company that could provide the best one-stop solution. Following in-depth research, referral gathering, lengthy interviews and extensive request for quote procedures, MFT broke through as the clear choice. MFT entered into contract negotiations for the project in March of 2006 and finalized the contract in July. “When H&K first approached MFT to quote on the development of both their public Internet website and corporate Intranet I was certainly pleased,” said Kean. “Throughout the quoting process we learned more details about H&K’s community involvement. Although common knowledge in the region, I was surprised to learn of the depth at which H&K is committed to giving back to the communities in which they work. “When the selection process had ended with MFT on top, I was very happy with the outcome. Not simply because of gaining a contract, but more because of the apparent partnership ‘fit’ between our companies. Over the years MFT has worked very closely and donated services to community orginizations such as The Boyertown YMCA, Multi Service, Boyertown Area School District, Boyertown Area United Way, Boyertown Legion Baseball, regional churches and many more.” Once the project officially launched on July 12, MFT acted to coordinate assigned H&K staff into a chief web committee which branches out to multiple subcommittees covering each operational unit formed. “A project of this size requires a concerted effort from both partners in order to succeed,” Kean stated. “H&K has done a great job of team coordination and MFT as well. Keeping the flow of information moving to and from MFT is critical. The H&K Group has always been very civically minded and community oriented. With that like-minded philosophy along with H&K and MFT’s strong dedication to this and all partnerships, I’m sure that this project will be a complete success,” Kean concluded. MFT’s distinctive abilities to deliver dynamic, secure, dependable and professionally designed Internet and Intranet solutions as well as compliment them with an inclusive array of marketing strategies, have paved the way for H&K to keep its family of companies organized and aggressively growing to meet the demands of the region that depends on its services.


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