Jim Ott Marks 10TH Anniversary of Employment at Media Fusion Technologies

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Jim Ott Marks 10TH Anniversary of Employment at Media Fusion Technologies Philadelphia-area website design, development and hosting company, Media Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MFT), celebrates the 10th anniversary of service for Operations Director, Jim Ott.

“Jim is my right-hand man,” said MFT President, Darrell Kean. “His contributions have certainly contributed to the positive growth that we have experienced over the last decade plus. His acute attention to detail, project management skills, customer service focus, team management skills, motivational proficiency and daily endeavors to keeping the production operation running smoothly are greatly appreciated. He’s a terrific asset and I’m pleased and blessed to have him on our team!”

Prior to starting his tenure at MFT, Ott spent 24 years at Clemens Markets in various management positions, ultimately serving as Director of Marketing.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years already,” said Ott. “It’s been a pleasure to play a part in the significant growth that MFT has experienced over the last decade and a real pleasure working with a great team of employees and a great group of customers. I look forward to what the future holds.”

Jane Mellot, President of Bause’s Super Drug Store in Boyertown and a long-time MFT customer shared, “I’ve worked with Jim Ott on a variety of projects for Bause’s Super Drug Store and his eye for design is amazing! We have collaborated on several creative designs and it seems as if he reads my mind, and the design is exactly as I envisioned it! Jim’s attention to detail, plus his level of practicality and levelheadedness makes him an asset to ANY project. I commend him on his 10th anniversary at Media Fusion Technologies and hope to continue to work with him, moving forward into his NEXT 10 years at MFT! ”

Jim resides in the Fleetwood area with his wife, Kerrie and two dogs: Zion Redd Rock, a four-year-old fox-red Labrador; and Amber, an 11-year-old Cocker Spaniel. Jim and Kerrie have two children: son, Bryan currently residing in Gilbertsville with his new wife, Jamie; and daughter, Kristin proudly serving her country in Okinawa, Japan as a Staff Sergeant with the U.S. Marine Corps.

Media Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MFT) is a multi-media marketing services company specializing in online application development, custom programming, website design and in-house hosting and maintenance. MFT’s network is comprised of multiple racks and multiple servers, all running Microsoft OS and utilizing Microsoft database management systems. MFT’s Internet connection is powered by multiple trunk lines and fiber optic lines to their upstream provider(s) with the data connections being maintained using the latest in Cisco, SonicWALL, Barracuda and other bandwidth routing and management appliances and software. Further information regarding MFT’s network is not available for general release.

As a result, MFT has firmly established itself as a leading source for all graphic design, Internet, Intranet, full online web application development, CDROM/DVD presentations, commercial photography, commercial print design and production, radio and TV production and placement, and other video needs for customers regionally, nationally and internationally. For more information visit http://www.gomft.comor call (800) 307-3533.


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