Longacre Co Installs Heating System Good Shepherd

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Longacre Co Installs Heating System  Good Shepherd The Longacre Company recently completed the installation of a new heating system at Boyertown’s Good Shepherd UCC church, replacing one that was decades old and in a state of disrepair. Good Shepherd UCC was founded nearly 200 years ago prior to Boyertown receiving its own name. Along with two centuries of legacy comes two centuries of wear on the brick building and its internal systems. Addressing this issue, Good Shepherd implemented its “Renew, Revive, Rejoice!” campaign; a concentrated endeavor with church members and the community to raise in excess of a half-million dollars for structural and operational improvements. One of the costliest of the required improvements involved replacing an obsolete heating system that was originally installed in the 1960’s. Sealed bids for the contract were submitted by dozens of companies throughout Southeastern PA and beyond. After church officials carefully weighed all details including price, depth of company resume and the ability to complete the job quickly; The Longacre Company came out on top. Longacre Company Vice President, Steve Longacre explained the mechanics of the nearly $300,000 overhaul. “The Longacre Company is pleased to have been awarded the contract with Good Shepherd,” he said. “Over the course of several weeks, our team replaced the entire existing system with a state-of-the-art, high-efficiency system that is anchored by gas-fired HydroTherm Boilers. This system was engineered by Boyertown resident Neal Fisher of N.E. Fisher & Associates and the iron boiler sections for these units were cast, assembled and test fired only three blocks down the road from Good Shepherd at the Boyertown Foundry. “This new solution will provide a remarkable return on investment for the church through significant energy savings over the coming years and we are glad that The Longacre Company was positioned to react quickly and efficiently to complete the install before winter hit,” Longacre stated. According to Longacre, these units are regulated by Direct Digital Control, a computer-activated and monitored system that easily and accurately controls building HVAC systems in such a cost-effective manner that it has widely become the system of choice to replace traditional electromechanical controls such as those that previously existed at the Church. The units that will keep parishioners comfortable for decades to come are HydroTherm KN-10 direct-vent whisper-quiet cast iron boilers that – according to the HydroTherm website – operate at up to 99% efficiency with a modulating input up to 1,000,000 Btu/hour and carry a 21-year thermal shock warranty. Good Shepherd Senior Pastor, Dennis Christie exclaimed, “The good men from The Longacre Company have done a tremendous job installing our new heating system. We are truly blessed and couldn’t be more pleased with their level of professionalism and that they were able to complete the job on budget and on schedule prior to the snow flying. “Now I won’t have to speak over the sounds of chattering teeth,” he joked.


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