Longacre Company Heats up Good Shepherd Church

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Longacre Company Heats up Good Shepherd Church Boyertown’s Good Shepherd United Church of Christ (UCC) recently awarded a nearly $300,000 contract to The Longacre Company of Bally to replace the church’s antiquated heating system before another daunting Pennsylvania winter ensues. Good Shepherd UCC has long been considered the epicenter of Boyertown by many, and perhaps deservedly so since the church was founded prior to Boyertown receiving its own name. Fast approaching its second century of existence and realizing that a marked portion of its infrastructure was in serious need of capital improvements, Good Shepherd implemented its “Renew, Revive, Rejoice!” campaign; a concentrated endeavor with church members and the community to raise in excess of a half-million dollars for structural and operational improvements. This list of improvements includes repairing brick facing and sidewalks, enhancing handicap accommodations, upgrading bathrooms and more. Perhaps among the costliest of the improvements is replacing an obsolete heating system that dates back to the 1960’s. The Longacre Company was awarded the contract from sealed bids submitted by companies ranging geographically from Philadelphia to Reading and beyond. Longacre Company Vice President, Steve Longacre explained the mechanics of the new heating system. “The Longacre Company is pleased to have been awarded the contract to provide this crucial mechanical upgrade to Good Shepherd UCC,” he said. “We will be replacing the entire existing system with a quality, state-of-the-art, high-efficiency system that is anchored by gas-fired HydroTherm Boilers and was engineered by Boyertown resident Neal Fisher of N.E. Fisher & Associates. “We are confident that this solution will provide a tremendous return on investment for the church through significant energy savings over the coming years and we are glad that The Longacre Company is positioned to react quickly and efficiently to complete the install by the end of October (2007), long before the cold season sets in,” Longacre stated. Longacre further explained that these units will be regulated by Direct Digital Control, a computer-activated and monitored system that can easily and accurately control building HVAC systems in such a cost-effective manner that it has widely become the system of choice to replace traditional electromechanical controls. According to Wayne Warren, HydroTherm representative from J. C. Mottinger Assoc., the units that The Longacre Company will be installing are HydroTherm KN-10 direct-vent whisper-quiet cast iron boilers that operate at up to 99% efficiency with a modulating input up to 1,000,000 Btu/hour and carry a 21-year thermal shock warranty. The iron boiler sections for these units are cast, assembled and test fired only three blocks down the road from Good Shepherd at the Boyertown Foundry. Good Shepherd Consistory President, Ted Fetterman stated, “We are overjoyed that this very significant portion of our ‘Renew, Revive, Rejoice’ project is underway. God has greatly blessed Good Shepherd in recent years with loyal members and a core of young leaders who want our church to grow and who have accepted the challenge and responsibilities of facilitating these improvements today for the benefit of tomorrow’s generations. “We’re equally excited and blessed that The Longacre Company earned the contract. Not only was it the best company for the job with the right bid price, a sound resume from decades of experience and the ability to complete the job quickly; it’s a local company with strong ties to the community dating to the early 1900’s. That’s the same community that will benefit greatly from Longacre’s labors and expertise for generations to come,” Fetterman concluded. With the new heating system firmly in place and bringing a level of winter comfort to Good Shepherd that has likely not been experienced in decades, one consistory member was recently overheard joking, “Those Sunday visitors who may have a tendency to nod off during service from time-to-time will need to take extra care now to keep their eyes as open as their hearts and souls during winter services.”


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