Solar Panel Installation in PA s Berks Montgomery Lehigh Counties and beyond Shining Brightly for Solar By Weller

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
Solar Panel Installation in PA s Berks  Montgomery  Lehigh Counties and beyond Shining Brightly for Solar By Weller Solar panel installation in PA’s Berks, Montgomery, Lehigh counties and beyond is shining brightly for Solar By Weller; a division of Scott A. Weller Carpentry and Cabinets, Inc. of Barto.
A recent photovoltaic solar panel system installed through Solar By Weller included 14 solar panels on the rooftop of a residence. This 2.8 kilowatt-hour (kWh) system is expected to net an estimated energy production for the customer of 3500 kWh annually. In fact, when the customer received their first month’s electric bill following the installation, only an $8 mandatory maintenance fee was due. According to Weller, a 2.8 kWh system is designed to provide a nominal percentage of the homeowner’s electricity annually. However, in peak sunshine months, the system is capable of producing 100% or more.
Other recent systems installed included a rooftop 10.8 kWh system consisting of 40 panels which is estimated to produce 12,900 kWh of energy annually, a 10.08 kWh ground-mount system consisting of 36 panels that is estimated to produce 12,350 kWh of energy annually, and a 5.4 kWh rooftop system consisting of 20 panels that is estimated to produce 6610 kWh of energy annually. In addition, Solar By Weller recently installed a solar hot-water system that is generating nearly 95% of the customer’s annual hot-water requirements.
According to Weller, the photovoltaic panels can be installed on older homes, new homes, businesses and institutions and include options of roof-mount systems or ground-mounted rack systems. The average calculated payback for a system installation is approximately seven years with the life expectancy of a system exceeding 25 years.
“These homeowners wanted to cut their electric bills and help prepare for the anticipated rising electric costs due to the pending electricity deregulation in Pennsylvania,” said Weller. “They have taken advantage of the available state and federal rebates and incentives and will also be taking advantage of the EPA’s Renewable Energy Credit income.
“There’s never been a better time to ‘go solar’. Homeowners and businesses who switch to solar-energy options will significantly reduce or eliminate their energy costs and hot water expenses and can even heat their pools entirely with solar energy.”
The electricity deregulation (the removal of state-imposed utility rate caps) has already begun in some areas and will conclude in 2011. “There is a positive cash flow with investing in a solar system,” said Weller. “If you finance the project over a longer period of time you’ll receive a positive cash flow right away. Solar panel prices have dropped in the last few years due to increased demand and technology.”
Solar by Weller is part of the largest and fastest growing solar dealer network in the United States and Bermuda enabling them to have purchasing power resulting in their ability to pass on lower costs to the consumer for the high-quality products they install. Solar by Weller is a certified dealer for Solar Energy Initiatives, UMA and multiple solar manufacturers, and is a licensed and approved PA Sunshine Rebate and Keystone HELP contractor.
For more information on Solar by Weller, visit the all-new http://www.solarbyweller.comor call 610.845.0412.


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