Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems Becoming the Solution

Tuesday, September 30, 2008
Ultraviolet Water Treatment Systems Becoming the Solution Ultraviolet water treatment systems are becoming the solution for more and more online consumers each month at popular water softener and water treatment destination eWaterOnline.net, a division of CAI Technologies. Historically used for municipal and commercial water treatment, using point-of-entry ultraviolet sterilization in private well applications has become increasingly common over the past 15 years. “As on-site water quality degrades, concern mounts over harmful pathogens possibly contained within the water,” said Bill Cook, Water Treatment Sales Manager at CAI. “While traditional chlorine injection systems used to disinfect private well water can serve many purposes, ultraviolet sterilization systems are frequently being used to sterilize water without the addition of any chemicals and are also providing a reduction in the amount of system maintenance required.” According to Cook, an ultraviolet sterilization system consists of a lamp that sends high energy light waves into the water as the water passes through a reactor chamber. This powerful light disrupts the reproductive ability of the pathogen, rendering it incapable of reproducing. If it can’t reproduce – it can’t harm you. Residential systems are effective at destroying 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, and have recently been found to be effective in treatment of protozoan cyst forms. “It is important to make sure your water is pre-filtered with a five-micron cartridge filter to remove any sediment prior to treatment with the UV system,” said Cook. “If sediment was not first removed, it may be possible that a pathogen attached to the sediment would not be fully exposed to UV light within the reactor, and could pass into the residence without first being sterilized. It is also very important for the water quality to have low levels of iron, turbidity, manganese and tannins for the ultraviolet sterilization to function effectively.” eWaterOnline.net is a division of CAI Technologies, Inc., a long-established provider of water treatment equipment across the U.S. since 1991. CAI offers free shipping from warehouses strategically located throughout the country in Pennsylvania, Florida, Chicago, Texas, Nevada and California. For more information on CAI’s products and water-treatment consumer assistance services, visit www.eWaterOnline.net or call (800) 580-3033.


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