Website Design and Development Company Media Fusion Technologies Launches Its Own New Website

Sunday, March 15, 2009
Website Design and Development Company  Media Fusion Technologies  Launches Its Own New Website Philadelphia area website design and development experts, Media Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MFT), has been providing multimedia marketing solutions to customers for more than two decades and recently launched the latest edition of its own website at
“In keeping with the ever-changing landscape of online design and functionality we’ve decided it was time to freshen our site with a new look and architecture,” said MFT President and CEO, Darrell Kean. “In doing so, we’ve added our suite of custom-developed Content Management System (CMS) tools, allowing the entire body of our site to be managed solely by the same MFT-developed CMS tools we’re consistently asked to customize for our customers during each of their site deployments. Along with each MFT-designed site being fully custom, the site content management scenario is just as unique. I don’t see that changing; each site is unique and so are the CMS needs of each company.”
Kean further emphasized that other than a version of MFT’s standard CMS components no other MFT programming or design skills are used to maintain the new MFT site content.
“Of course we employ a highly-skilled crew, using an arsenal of the very latest in web-development software. All could jump on our site and do any required updates at a moment’s notice. However, I felt it was important that we use the same CMS tools to manage our site that our customers use to manage theirs. This gives customers and potential customers a better understanding of some of the many features included in the versatile, comprehensive and extensible package of technologies that we’ve assembled.”
According to Kean, the modules featured include dynamic database-driven modules like News and Announcements in addition to a powerful XML-based module known as MFT FreeStyle to control static textual and in-body picture / graphical content.
“Our FreeStyle editor is an especially exciting tool. It is an extremely powerful WYSIWYG content management system which allows for the addition, deletion, updating, navigation control and full management of all FreeStyle-controlled pages within the site. With FreeStyle, no programming or web design knowledge is necessary to completely manage the static content on the site. If someone can effectively use Microsoft Word, they can use MFT FreeStyle.
“The advanced technologies included in MFT FreeStyle along with our database-driven modules enable website managers to keep their site content absolutely fresh and accurate and to really manage their website.”
The new website was designed and programmed in the Microsoft .NET framework using Microsoft SQL Server as the database platform. Together with other technologies, these establish a stable, dynamic, comprehensive and extensible website environment.
In addition, the site includes MFT’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program, a dynamic, cohesive and enhanced SEO system that delivers consistent top placement across all major search engines. This system utilizes the robust framework in conjunction with advanced SEO programming and strategies that have been developed over the past decade by MFT’s SEO-certified staff. Additional information on MFT’s SEO and programming is not available for general release.

Media Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MFT) is a multi-media marketing services company specializing in online application development, custom programming, website design and in-house hosting and maintenance. MFT’s network is comprised of multiple racks and multiple servers, all running Microsoft OS and utilizing Microsoft database management systems. MFT’s Internet connection is powered by multiple trunk lines and fiber optic lines to their upstream provider(s) with the data connections being maintained using the latest in Cisco, SonicWALL, Barracuda and other bandwidth routing and management appliances and software. Further information regarding MFT’s network is not available for general release.
As a result, MFT has firmly established itself as a leading source for all graphic design, Internet, Intranet, full online web application development, CDROM/DVD presentations, commercial photography, commercial print design and production, radio & TV production & placement, and other video needs for customers regionally, nationally and internationally. For more information visit or call (800) 307-3533.


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