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Since 1986 MFT has been providing commercial photography, graphic design and conventional America-First online marketing services for customers worldwide.  We've changed along with the marketing landscape over the years.  MFT is proud to be one of the original pioneers in website development and social media management.  How can we help?

Welcome to the innovative world of Media Fusion Technologies, Inc. (MFT), where we stand as your premier partner in the ever-changing and exhilarating realm of digital marketing. From the moment we began in 1986, MFT has consistently led the way in providing groundbreaking and results-driven marketing solutions. Is your marketing strategy not keeping up with the times? It's time to hit the level-up button and catapult your brand to new heights!

Our roots are deeply entrenched in commercial photography and video production, enriched with graphic design and traditional marketing techniques. These foundations have been the bedrock of our growth and evolution. As the digital landscape has transformed, so have we, continuously adapting and expanding our range of services. We've stayed ahead of the curve, embracing the latest technological advances while never losing sight of our core values: creativity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence.


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A Few Words from our Customers

Media Fusion Technologies (MFT) has significantly enhanced our brand's digital presence through expert video production and post-production services. Their dedication and creativity from concept to final edits ensured our vision was perfectly captured, aligning every step with our brand identity.

MFT's technical prowess in capturing high-quality footage, whether on-location or in-studio, using advanced equipment, has produced stunning visuals. Their post-production expertise, particularly in editing, color grading, and sound design, turned raw footage into engaging narratives that resonate with our audience. Their innovative use of visual effects and animation brought our ideas to life, making complex concepts easily understandable.

MFT's commitment to meeting deadlines without compromising quality, combined with their professionalism and readiness to exceed expectations, made the production process smooth and efficient. The impact on our marketing efforts has been significant, with their videos not only enhancing our brand image but also boosting engagement rates across digital platforms, connecting with our audience on a deeper level and strengthening our marketing strategy.

For businesses aiming to leverage high-quality video content, MFT's unparalleled expertise and passion for storytelling make them the perfect partner. We're immensely thankful for their contribution to our brand and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

~ Keith

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